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Jeanne Allen

Color field artist



“My work combines untamed energy of the open sea and disturbing familiarity of alien entities." Allois  

Allois is German-born American painter. Her style displays the influence of a variety of painters, from Francis Bacon to Old Masters like William Turner, Francisco de Goya, Velasquez and Rubens and, yet her works also present a distinctly surreal viewpoint. She is best known for the striking and bizarre images of Aliens in her surrealist work. She illustrated collectable edition of the stories by Edgar Allan Poe and Ray Bradbury "THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER/USHER II," published by Gauntlet Press in 2010.   

Brenda Anderson

 My paintings at the moment reflect my interest in horizon lines, muted pallets and the subtle changes of light and time on waterscapes and farming areas. 

Lance Anderson

  Lance Anderson's art is strongly influenced by his work in the film industry as a special effects make-up artist.   He draws his inspiration from a combination of childhood memories, classic black and white films of the thirties and forties and his observations on the many movie sets he has worked on. 

Carla Marlenée Bates

A painter, graphic designer and illustrator, Bates aims to  illuminate the human connection with nature, especially a surfers call to the water. 

Maria Bleyberg

 Maria Zamfir Bleyberg was born in Romania. Maria’s paintings have been shown in many juried exhibitions, some of which are in private collections. 

Arlene Broussard

I love watercolor color and the light and airy reflections it brings to the viewer.  

Helen Campella


Judith Carr

 Ms. Carr's work reflects her reverence for growing things and the magic of natural phenomena. Her abstract paintings boldly depict nature at her wildest and most exciting -- a feast of color. 

Bruce Sanders

 Dr. Bruce Sanders is a neo-expressionist/symbolist, and abstract painter. Bruce’s work blurs the lines of representational and abstract art. It delves into a space between the real world and a mystical-magical realm. Bruce employs kinetic forms, dynamic colors, and primal emotions into all of his art.  

Pamela LeGrand

Water is her calling and an oil brush is never far from her reach. Wanting to touch the creatures and seaweed washed up in her canvas, transports you to the ocean’s paths. The creative process begins with collecting materials from her long walks on the beaches. She artfully places them together so that the onlooker has a visual story that is pleasing to the eye and evokes the essence of sea life and nature. 

Ed Stalcup

 Ed Stalcup's watercolor landscapes are often inspired by his extensive world travels. 

Ann Triplett

  For Ann Triplett, painting in oil offers the possibility of mood changing a experience asking both the maker and the viewer to look more closely at the world and be open to its signs and wonders. She looks to close observation and to emotion, evoking other times and places.

Doug Rucker

 Former first architect in Malibu since 1958 doing over 90 houses and 50 remodels for 54 years, now retired, writing books and doing personal art. I’ve shown digital photo artwork of reflection and abstract subjects in over 100 shows winning more than 20 awards in the Ojai, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and Santa Monica areas.      

Susan Leider

Susan is an oil painter working in the traditional style. Her subjects include floral compositions, portraits and still life.  

Gay Summer Rick

  Gay Summer Rick paints iconic urban coastal landscapes, from Los Angeles to New York City, rendered with a keen sense of place and a flair for abstraction. Sparsely populated though replete with objects and evidence of the built environment, her poetic, palimpsestic aesthetic yields scenes that are at once dreamlike and familiar, painterly, evocative, and emotionally resonant. Revealing an unexpected beauty in commonplace elements within the urban landscape, her unique style is a melding of impressionism and color-field painting describing the quiet vibration of life where the city meets the sea.    

Manny Cosentino

 Manny Cosentino, contemporary realist in Los Angeles. Paintings and drawings. Figure compositions, portraits, urban landscapes and still lives. 

Carol Erickson

Contemporary watercolor, mixed-media.

Detra Prete

I work in oil paint. Some of my current favorite subjects are found objects including lanterns, oil cans, machine parts, and bird nests.

Lanna Duncan

Oil, watercolor

January Garabedian


Nada Zoric

 Nada was born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia where she graduated from the Academy of Art. She moved to Belgrade and enrolled into the Academy of Art, but in 1958 moved to the United States before finishing her advanced degree. She finished her studies in Los Angeles and then continued to gain her Doctorate degree in Art History at the University of Los Angeles. 

Eva Asquith Wilson

Eva Asquith Wilson considers herself a contemporary artist who uses
both traditional and abstract methods.  She is most interested in exploring the tension between the figurative and abstraction. 

Carolyn Carradine

  My work is personal and comes from my heart. It concerns my life and emotions good or bad, pain or joy. If my art takes the viewer to another place and makes them think about or imagine the story, one that they can enjoy and relate to, I have succeeded.  

Vicky Todd

Vicky’s work reflects her love of color, nature, the universe, beauty, spirituality and healing.  Diversified and accomplished, Vicky loves to stretch, explore and experiment with many different styles, mediums and modalities. Vicky began with drawing, then oil, transitioned easily to watercolor, acrylic and now mostly mixed media.   

instagram:  vickytodd1122   Facebook:   Vicky Ann Todd

Inger Hodgson

 nger was born in Lund, Sweden. She got her Master's degree in Archaeology, Russian and English Languages and Literature from the University of Gothenburg. In 1961 she married Peter Hodgson and moved to New Haven, Connecticut. In 1966 the Hodgson family moved to Venice, California, where Inger took her first portrait course with Vicki Dolnick. In 1975-76 the family took a sabbatical and Inger studied at TBV-konstskola in Helsingborg, and at L'academie de la Grande Chaumière, Paris. 

Lanna Duncan

Lanna Duncan is an artist who enjoys her life in both west Texas and southern California.  Her oil and pastel painting is inspired by God's gift of beauty in both of these places. 

Russ Hunziker

Russ Hunziker’s grew up exploring the California landscape from the mojave desert to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and throughout the Santa Monica Mountains and Channel Islands.  His landscape paintings evoke the close relationship he has with nature.

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